Sunday, 27 June 2010

Enriching with Dans Feed

This is how I enrich my brine shrimp with Dans Feed (enrichment product)

1.  Take 2 teaspoons of Dans Feed.

2. Add the mixture to a cup of fresh salt water, and using a hand blender mix the dry mixture with the water for 2 minutes.

3. Put the mixture through a sieve, capturing the liquid in a clean container

4. Pour the strained mixture into a (clean) bottle with fresh salt water to make up around 1.5 litres of solution

5.  This is then stored in the fridge for future use.

6. The solution is added to the brine shrimp every 12 hours, until they are fed out.  Enough of the (Dans Feed) solution is added to turn the water a tint of green (right in the picture below).

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