Tuesday, 20 September 2011

20th September

Its amazing to me how much the new babies seem to have grown.  There are only 5 of them left out of the original 7 that we saved but these guys seem to be growing quickly.  They're only a little over 2 weeks old, but they seem to be much bigger than the others have been at the same age.  In actual fact, I've moved one of the smaller ones from the 13 week olds in with these little guys and to be honest, there's not a huge difference in size!

I'm regularly adding frozen food in the tank as I think these guys are going to be early starters, and whilst I haven't actually seen any of them eating the frozen, I have witnessed the bright orange bellies that the Cyclopeeze produce.  I think also, that having one of their older brother/sisters in who is already eating frozen will help a great deal.

Talking of the older babies, they're also doing great.  Sometimes its hard to appreciate how much they are growing when you watch them every day but there's definitely one or two of them in there that are starting to stand out from the crowd.  When I did the 100% water change a couple of days ago I added all orange plants to the tank and this seems to be encouraging some of them to colour up.  Whereas before we only had one orange one and the rest were all black, we now have a good few that are starting to change colour.

And of course the cirri continues to grow.  I'm a real sucker for the babies with cirri.

This one has particularly crazy cirri!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Erectus Fry at 12 Weeks

They're now 12 weeks old and doing great.  We have just one that has turned orange and the others at the moment are staying black, although they are starting to develop their saddle pattern.

Quite a few more are developing cirri, and looking quite wild!

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