Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tiny, tiny dwarf seahorses

Earlier this week there was a TV program about seahorses on Nat Geo.  It was a documentary by Project Seahorse and among other species they were also researching dwarf seahorses.  One of the ladies had a dwarf seahorse in her hand and I thought that it gave perfect representation of just how tiny these little guys are.  So, I thought I would pinch their idea and took a photo of one of my juvi's whilst doing a water change.

This little gal is probably about 6 months old.  She's not fully grown yet, but not far off it.  She's as good as adult size now.
Tiny, isn't she!

Another thing that I have been doing this week is sorting out the fry tanks.  We have a new set up now which allows me to have up to 6 fry tanks in a relatively small area.  At the moment, I just have 2 fry tank, a hospital tank, and a number of culture containers.

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