Sunday, 13 November 2011

Feed Station Training - Day 1

I guess I cheated a bit really. I just put the dish in the tank to see what would happen.  A few of them took to it straight away, which I'm certain was a fluke but most of them, as expected, just hung around waiting for the food to come to them!

Baby steps now.  I'll follow my normal routine with feed station training and hopefully it won't be long before they're all eating from the dish.

We have our first pouch!

Its funny but I find myself looking out for little markers of progression with seahorse fry; red digestive tract in newborns -  then hitching - then eating frozen - then first purple poops - and then the pouches.  This for me, really is the last step of their development and is the marker for being able to tell the boys from the girls.

They're going through food like there's no tomorrow so their development is starting to get quite rapid now - thank goodness!

I have to apologise for the quality of this picture.  I woke up to find lots of micro bubbles in the tank - which have now been dealt with - but couldn't miss the photographic opportunity, especially as this little guy prefers to stay at the back of the tank.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Latest pictures

It really is impossible to get clear pictures of the babies.  There is one that is a beautiful orange colour and every time I get the camera out he/she swims to the back of the tank!  I was hoping to get a picture of that one today, but nope off he swims to the back of the tank!  We'll have to make do with a picture that I took last week of this little one.  Its a shame as this is the one the now seems to be growing quicker than the others.

And some more pictures...

Pretty much all, bar a couple, have crazy cirri.  These guys definitely have the worst (best?) of it!

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