Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year!

With the festive season upon us, I have been neglecting my blog somewhat so in time for the New Year, I wanted to wish everyone who reads my blog a very happy new year.  I hope that the new year brings you all happiness and health.

I actually do have quite a bit of updating to do.  The seahorse babies have had to be separated by sex as we now have lots of developed pouches and therefore much flirting is taking place.  The boys don't seem to be too fussed that there aren't any females around and continue flirting with each other regardless.

Some of the girls have now gone to their new home where I know they will be being spoiled rotten!

Feeding time is great fun now.  They all start to come to the front of the tank as soon as they see me approaching and when the food enters the water they start fighting with each other trying to get to the food first!

The other exciting news I have is this:

These little guys were born yesterday and pretty much 2 weeks to the date after mixing my male and female seahorses - let the fun begin.......again!  So, I'm back to looking out for the first good sign - orange digestive tracts :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Flirting Begins....

The little yellow boy is quite proud of his pouch and is very keen to find a mate already.  I've seen him flirting and dancing with another seahorse but today he doesn't seem too sure which one is his mate.  He looked quite funny this morning sitting on one of the decorations watching over the others as if he was trying to decide which one he would flirt with.

His advances seemed to be recognized by one of the other little ones who changed colour in response.  You can just about see her in this video before she changed back to her normal dark colour.  The yellow boy swam over to her but they didn't dance together.....thank goodness!

The feeding station training is going relatively well.  Some of them will now swim straight to the bowl as soon as they see the baster.  Others will hover around the bowl but haven't quite got the grasp of swimming up to the very top of it.  I will persevere and get there in the end with them!

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