Saturday, 11 December 2010

Erectus Fry at 3 Weeks Old

The erectus babies are now 3 weeks old.  We have 9 of them left which isn't great but most of the losses, if not all of them, are down to mistakes that we have made.  This week we lost 2 in an accident with a new filter that we were using temporarily whilst we cleaned the main one.  We didn't realise that it had a pull off part near the top of the tank which created suction and three of the fry got trapped overnight.  We released them as soon as we saw them but sadly one was already dead and another died shortly after.

Yesterday we lost another baby after doing a 100% water change and not acclimating them to the new water.  Lessons learned!

Anyway, the ones that we have now all appear to be healthy and strong.

We have started to introduce frozen Cyclopeeze now.  There isn't much interest at the moment but I've definitely seen a couple of them eat some so I'm hoping that by the end of the week all of them will be eating the frozen food.

Our dwarf babies are also doing fantastic.  In fact, it really is quite incredible how quickly they have grown!

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