Monday, 17 December 2018

I'm Back!

That is, I have seahorses again, or to be more specific H.erectus. I have had a lonesome seahorse of unknown species for a while now but I decided that he needed a friend and so popped into a nearby aquatic store to place an order. As fate would have it, they actually had seahorses in stock for the first time! My husband and I decided to get two and pensively looked at eachother when deciding whether to get males or females. 

The happy couple have been flirting away already, so at the moment I'm hoping the high flow can prevent the inevitable!

This feels a bit like a new beginning, and as the other seahorse is named Popcorn (same name as one of my first seahorses) I have decided to call these Cosmo and Orion, also the names of two of my first (successful) seahorses.

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