Saturday, 1 May 2010

Update Photo's

All of the babies, other than possibly one, are eating frozen food now.  We have changed the feeding routine slightly so that they are getting more frozen food that brine shrimp, but they do still get enriched brine shrimp at least twice a day.

The enrichment that we are using is Dan's Feed, this has been recommended by quite a few people who have said that they see quite a big improvement in their seahorses behaviour after they start to use it.  I must say that these babies do seem to be much more energetic than Stevie's first batch of babies; they generally seem more curious and active.

This first picture gives an idea of the size of the food that they are now eating.

And this is the same horse after it has eaten a little more.  The bright red that you see in its body is the cyclopeeze in its digestive tract.


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