Saturday, 17 March 2012

I love Saturday's!

I love spending the morning cleaning out all of the tanks and just getting everything ship shape for the week ahead.  Although I spend a lot of time working on my tanks during the week, the weekend is when I really have time to kick back, take my time and enjoy the wonders of nature.

The baby erectus have been doing brilliantly and seem to just be pretty much looking after themselves.  I'm not sure if its just that I'm so much more in a routine than I ever have been before, that I've organised myself to make things so much easier or these guys are just getting stronger with each new brood but I think this brood has pretty much been as easy as it gets (*touch wood*).


showing colours and patterning already

I've almost stopped feeding them brineshrimp altogether now, although there are a couple of small ones still so I'm giving them heavily enriched  food.


I am just so in love with the oldest babies - they are just so beautiful and entertaining. I made the decision, and I'm not sure that it was a wise one, to put both males and females back into one tank together.   Unsurprisingly, activity has increased dramatically!  Every morning I am greeted with much dancing and then they all just entwine and dance.  The dancing never seems to stop during lights on!  The funniest thing is that the girls seem to flirt with the girls, and the boys with the boys!

I have taken some video's of them that I promise to get uploaded onto'll love them!


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  1. I think their facinating, your soo lucky. Love seeing your blog updates just for the pictures :)


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