Monday, 11 June 2012

Hectic Weekend

I've been trying to catch up on posts and photo's this weekend but just keep taking really rubbish pictures!  

The babies that were born in April are all starting to colour up nicely and get their typical H.erectus markings.  They are an active bunch which makes them quite mesmerizing to watch.  Unfortunately, these were the best photo's I could get.

The babies that were born in January are also doing really well but I couldn't get any decent pictures of them, so I took a quick video of them waiting to be fed.  They always make me laugh when its feeding time because when you walk towards the tank they all huddle together in a corner waiting for their food.  Its not a very long video, but you'll see what I mean :)

I've also been busy preparing our two kittens (who are getting big now) for a show this weekend so I'll try and get some better pictures/video's of the seahorses when I have more time next week.

A quick update on my large tank as you may remember that I posted about a crypto outbreak.  Thankfully, all of the seahorses are doing fine and still are showing no signs of parasites.  They will remain in HT for at least another couple of months; although I may extend this even more to ensure my tank is in tip top condition for them.  The clownfish made a full recovery and is still undergoing treatment.  Initially the cardinals didn't show any signs, but then did go on to develop an infestation.  Sadly, we lost one of them but the others appear to be doing OK.

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  1. Again.. i dont know anything about them but they never fail to make me smile :)


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