Thursday, 9 August 2012

Commercial Sellers Ripping People Off

I have recently been alerted to a new commercial seller of seahorse systems.  These people are selling seahorses and aquariums as one package.  They deliver the tank, and send the seahorses a few weeks later once the tank has cycled.  Sounds great, right?  Wrong!  The tanks that they are supplying are either 8 gallons or 16 gallons depending on whether you want 2 seahorses or 8.  It might be one thing if they were selling H.zosterae, but this place is supplying H.erectus; a seahorse that can very easily grow to 8 inches.

To anyone reading my blog; if you come across such a company that says that this kind of environment is OK for any of the larger species of seahorse, please keep your money and find somewhere else.  

I am absolutely shocked by this and consider it nothing short of animal cruelty.

I normally recommend that a pair of H.erectus should be kept in nothing short of a 30 gallon tank, or 25 gallons at a push.  Recommending a tank half this size for 4 is outrageous!

Edit:  It seems that I am not the only person concerned with this.  FusedJaw have also written a very detailed article.  You can read it here

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