Sunday, 26 February 2012

All grown up

Well, the oldest babies are now grown up!  Some of them are already starting to have babies of their own - they are obviously very happy in their new home!  Congratulations Lizz!

Those that are still with me at the moment are just getting more beautiful every day.  I can spend hours just watching them.  The boys are the funniest, flirting and dancing with each other all the time!

We had another brood born this morning.  Its so weird comparing them to the 6 week olds, who in turn seem incredibly small compared to the 6 month olds.  I always forget how small and vulnerable newborns are, and  it also always surprised me how quickly the males are eager to get pregnant again.  Within minutes of being reunited with his mate, my male was flirting again and this was perhaps not even an hour after delivering the last of the babies.  

I'm in the process of moving the 6 week olds over to frozen at the moment.  This is perhaps the most frustrating phase with fry as sometimes it just seems like they are never going to make the transition.  I'm quite lucky with this brood though and I would say that perhaps 50 % of them are now starting to eat adult brine shrimp.  Strangely enough, it seems to be the smaller ones that are most enthusiastic.

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