Monday, 13 February 2012


Last night, after finishing all of the water changes, feeding, brineshrimp preparation, etc I decided to remove some of the water from the adults tank as I wasn't happy with the surface agitation.

I looked down into the bucket and what did I find?  A baby seahorse! Aaaaaagh!  And I thought my boys were taking a pregnancy break too!  I honestly have no idea where, or should I say who, this little fella came from.  None of my boys looked particularly pregnant yesterday and still don't today so its a little bit of a mystery.

I've added the new little one in with the last brood and am hoping that he will be the only one that I find as I don't really like to mix broods.  I love seahorse babies but I am running out of room and so the idea of the boys having a bit of a break is very welcome!

I will let you know if I find more this evening.

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